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Chinese lamps have a strong Chinese flavour, inheriting Chinese culture, using the foreign for the Chinese and the ancient for the modern, taking the best from all and advancing with the times, emphasising the classic Chinese cultural origins of five thousand years, the noble product quality and the desire for a beautiful, happy life, with […]

His name is Chen Hualiang and he is a post-80s product designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins, a prestigious art and design college in the UK. Abroad, he often hears negative comments about Chinese design from foreigners who say that Chinese brands are not up to scratch and Made in China is inferior and […]

An excellent shape of the lamps and lanterns, not only can instantly attract the eye, for the space lighting environment to play a “pleasing” role; for manufacturers, the unique shape of the lamps and lanterns is also an “important weapon” to enhance sales.   When it comes to the design of lamps and lanterns, the […]

The most individual and extraordinary chandelier of 2022 A chandelier with extraordinary personality can add an air of luxury to a living space. This is especially true when blending ornate, shimmering modern chandeliers with individual yet striking sculptural elements, so that the scene space becomes even more impressive. Below Hopewell House brings high-end home designs, […]

Do you know the latest ranking of the “Top 10 Chinese Lighting Fixture Brands” in 2021? By the China Famous Brands Network and the World Business (China) Brand Management Center, jointly organized and grandly unveiled the 2017 “China’s top ten brands of lighting fixtures” corporate units.   1, Philips Lighting – Philips (China) Lighting Co., […]

What kind of lights are good for home decoration? There are many types of lamps on the market, with different materials, sizes, number of light sources, etc. The correct choice of home lighting depends not only on the type of lamp, but also on the space. Choose suitable lamps for the home and create a […]

The Trend of LED indoor and outdoor lighting As the market penetration of LED luminaires increases year on year, luminaire manufacturers are focusing their new product development on LED luminaires.   LED as a new technology has led to the development of various technologies related to it, and at the same time, various unexpected problems […]

How to choose LED Indoor lights  There is a wide variety of LED lights on the market, cottage and small workshop products appear in different sales channels, their prices are low, quality, safety, lighting brightness, colour temperature and regular manufacturers of products have a big gap. When choosing LED lamps and lanterns, look for the […]

Classification of LED indoor lighting fixtures From 2012 onwards the state issued an arrangement of 2.2 billion RMB to promote energy-saving lamps and LED lights policy, so LED lighting products are indeed red all over the north and south into the ordinary family. But many of our friends for LED lamps and lanterns is still […]

Best-Selling Eight Types Of Indoor LED Lights LEDs have been used as a light source in lighting fixtures for just over a decade, but they have gained a lot of momentum. Below, we will take stock of the eight hot and best-selling, highly exposed indoor LED lamps and lanterns on the market in 2014, including […]