How to Choose Wall Lights for Your Home 2022

Good lighting is everything in a home. However, for many people, it’s an afterthought. This line of thinking could not be more of a mistake when it comes to mastering the décor in a home. With the right lighting, you can set the mood, feel more relaxed, and even accentuate parts of a room that you want to show off.

While we’re of the opinion that every room should have a mixture of lighting, we hold a special place in our hearts for the humble wall light. Functional. Aesthetically pleasing. Ambient. That’s the effect that wall lights can have in your space. Here, we’ll address the most important spaces in your home and provide some clever wall light ideas.

Wall lights for your bedroom

The average person spends a third of their lives in their bedroom, so it’s little wonder why it needs to reflect a sanctuary-like atmosphere. Retreat into your safe space with warm lighting options that will set the mood for rest and relaxation. Be inspired by our bedroom wall light ideas to enhance the space in your room.

Bedrooms don’t need to be illuminated with bright, focused lights – in fact, the complete opposite is necessary. Use natural lighting during the day to freshen up your space and perform menial tasks like folding clothes or making the bed, but draw the curtains in the evening. Here, wall lights are the ultimate artificial replacement. Place above the bedside table to maintain maximum surface space. Or, line four wall sconces indirectly and evenly alongside the bedhead – there’s a reason why most upscale hotel rooms use this feature too. It’s all about striking that perfect balance between functionality and atmospheric purpose.

Wall lights for your bathroom

If the bedroom is a Zen space, then the bathroom should be lit up like a rock concert. This is one room of the house where bright lighting is a necessity. Wall sconces fit perfectly in this scenario, and are ideal when they are placed near face height and in pairs. This is where you’ll get the best use out of them.

A clever wall light idea for your bathroom is to place on either side of your mirror so as to avoid casting ominous shadows. In the bathroom, you’ll be doing a lot of self-care, so you need the right lighting to focus on every part of your face when looking in the mirror.

Wall lights for your living room

They don’t call it a ‘living room’ for nothing. This is no doubt the busiest space in a home, followed closely by the kitchen. In this room, you watch Netflix, curl up with a good book, or take a sneaky catnap on the couch. You’ll also most likely entertain family and guests in this room. It’s for these multiple reasons that you might want to consider an assortment of lights in this space.

If there’s a favourite armchair where you like to read, an adjustable wall sconce will be both functional and a space-saver. After all, you probably don’t want cords running along the carpet or floorboards: this way, the room maintains a sleek and sophisticated look that’s neat and tidy. Additionally, you can keep the vibe warm and inviting with a two light wall chandelier. There’ll be just enough of a glow to set the mood – perfect for relaxing.

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Wall lights for your entrance and hallway

It’s the first thing your guests will see when they enter your home, so it’s essential that you make a good first impression. One of the easiest ways to do this is to invest in warm lighting wall sconces. Not only do they look inviting but they suit every style of the house.

If you have a particular sculpture or piece of artwork that you’d like to highlight in your hallway, the glow of an accent wall light can act as the perfect spotlight. Your guests’ eyes will be drawn to the piece and give it the attention it demands.

You can also place a single chandelier light on the wall next to the front door, and switch it on to let passersby know you’re home and for guests to easily navigate their way to your entrance.

Wall lights for your kitchen

You’ll want to put bright pendant lights over the kitchen island for preparing food, but that’s not to say you can’t have wall lights over the kitchen sink. And, when you’re entertaining guests at the dinner table, wall lights will also come in handy. Bright enough to see what’s on your plate but also setting the right tone for the meal – that’s just one of the ways that wall lights can provide many advantages to the kitchen.

A consideration about light globes

What is just as important as the wall lights themselves is the light globes. The type of light you want to emanate will depend on the room. While it is always a personal choice, we do recommend warm glows (such as warm white bulbs) for areas in the home where the walls are cool hues. Alternatively, you can brighten up dark spaces with a cool glow (using cool white bulbs). Filament globes give off a soft, ambient light which provides the ideal mood for relaxing.  

Wall light ideas to love

From providing necessary lighting for safety reasons to setting the ambience, serving as an ornament in their own right, and providing task lighting, there’s nothing that perfectly positioned wall lights can’t do. Whether for function or flair, never underestimate the effect that wall lights can do for your home.

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