How long do led chandeliers actually last?

The nostalgic chandeliers in our house are replaced by LED chandeliers. Almost every corner LED chandelier began to decorate store windows. LED chandeliers eliminate the problem of the bulb as well as the modern look. LEDs are light sources that last for up to 5, 10 or even 20 years. Is LED chandeliers this long lasting?

LED chandelier basically consists of 3 or 4 parts. The first is the chandelier body, the second is the LED light source, the third is the power source that provides constant current or constant voltage to feed the LEDs. This power supply reduces the 220V voltage in the network to the appropriate voltage to supply the LEDs and prevents the LEDs from being damaged by limiting the current. The fourth part is the milk-white diffuser panel placed in front of the LEDs. This can be located in some light fixtures. Some of them do not use this. Its purpose is to distribute the light softly. In some chandeliers, crystal stones are placed instead of diffuser panels.

LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000, 60,000 hours. This information is correct, but this life is only valid if conditions are met by the manufacturer. For example, the LED manufacturer states that the product has 50,000 hours of life when the LEDs are fed with 500mA driving current and the temperature is below 85 degrees Celsius. This is published with a test report called the LM-80. Only a small number of LED manufacturers has this report.

Even though LEDs are long-lasting light sources, life can end in less time than expected when it enters a system. The two most common faults in LED chandeliers are the breakdown of the electronic drive part and the failure of the LEDs as a result of overheating.

There are tens of thousands of LED chandeliers imported from China. Sellers guarantee up to a year, but no one can predict what will happen after a year.

You should try to learn the technical details while looking at the stylish looks of the LED chandelier. Because when the LED part of the chandelier fails, it is not as easy as a bulb replacement. In case of failure, you may need professional support and this repair may cost you a lot.

The most important part of the LED chandeliers is the heating problem. It will be useful to look at how heated the LED chandelier is at the end of an hour’s work, to avoid future problems.

Even if the overheated LEDs do not malfunction, the amount of light they emit will be reduced at the end of a certain period of time. For example, you may experience a loss of 30 percent at the end of 1 year and 50 percent at the end of 2 years. It is not easy to notice since the decrease in the output of this light is gradually occurring.

We cannot say that every product made in China has poor quality. However, low price expectations in the market cause poor quality products to be brought to our country. Poor quality LED chandeliers can become partially or completely unusable within a year or two years. Therefore, consumers should focus on known brands or trusted sellers that will provide a long warranty period (5 years).

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