What is the best light fixture to install in a Chinese style living room and do you know it?

Chinese lamps have a strong Chinese flavour, inheriting Chinese culture, using the foreign for the Chinese and the ancient for the modern, taking the best from all and advancing with the times, emphasising the classic Chinese cultural origins of five thousand years, the noble product quality and the desire for a beautiful, happy life, with an elegant artistic taste and deep humanistic heritage. The materials used are mainly wood, carved and painted, and elegantly shaped, mostly using high-grade hardwoods such as sourwood or sandalwood, while each product evokes nostalgia for the past and a sense of longing for the future.


1, Chinese wooden floor lamp The beautifully crafted, stylish Chinese style lamps pictured above show a charm that can soothe some of the stresses of life and meet the high demands of people’s living environment. The retro aesthetic design, beautifully crafted by pure hand, highlights the stylish Chinese style. The thickened, light-transmitting PVC laminate layer is firm and non-wrinkling, bright and simple and elegant, with soft light transmission; the unique compartment design allows for the placement of various small ornaments or small objects to achieve the best space, playing a practical and beautifying decorative role.


2, Chinese wood ceiling light This Chinese wood ceiling light in the picture is in line with the structural engineering of the lamp, the clever combination of Chinese elements and modern materials, a strong sense of three-dimensionality, elegant and generous, and then hand polished and carved to make the colour rounded and beautiful. The electroplating and heat bending technology used in the production process makes the lamp stronger and more solid, with a beautiful texture, not easy to lose colour and deformation. Wood carving pattern, exquisite and fashionable, light and has a more solid characteristics, reflecting a more qualitative, stylish, elegant more modern.

3, Chinese Sheepskin Ceiling Light The characteristics of Chinese style, expressing the pursuit of the spiritual realm of the elegant and subtle, dignified and rich Eastern way. Iron ceiling plate, exquisite baking lacquer process, anti-corrosion, rust, simple without losing style; fabric hollow design, exquisite fabric hollow, combined with printed PVC lampshade, good light transmission, beautiful classic; exquisite delicate printing, swimming fish playing water scenario hand-painted combined with tulle lampshade, soft light, halo delicious, from the space mood to the reproduction of Chinese humanities.
Pictures of Western scholars say “without Chinese elements, there is no nobility”. The antique Chinese lamp is close to nature, simple and friendly, simple but rich in connotation. With the addition of Chinese elements, the overall space feels richer, large but not empty, thick but not heavy, with style but not depressing. The simple and stylish, noble and luxurious Chinese lamp can create a warm, retro and antique atmosphere to the space.

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